21st – 23rd June 2020

Maribor, Slovenia

The closing project meeting of the EMPA took course over two days and it addressed numerous topics, from previous activities to upcoming challenges; we were already focusing on the further steps in combating the antigypsyism. We also addressed problems that occurred during project and were an adverse surprise to the partners’ consortium – regardless of the fact, that we have taken some considerations into account beforehand, for example at the preparatory meeting. Key and the hardest part of the meeting was the part where we defined what else should be done until the end of the project. It was then that we collected responses and recommendations for education tool i.e. toolkit. The meeting was also intended to the coordination and final report, as well as additional evaluation project activities. The meetings were attended by all the organisations and other stakeholders and/or beneficiaries of the trainings.

The meeting was funded by the Erasmus+ programme.